Pavilion 1

Dominique Perrault's Great Sail

The façade is covered with an immense silver-coloured metal mesh known as the Great Sail. It is positioned several metres in front of the existing façade, creating a covered gallery and canopy. A large screen, fitted with LEDs and positioned in the centre of the Sail, will be used to broadcast event-related content.


Dominique Perrault

Dominique Perrault, an architect and urban planner, attained international prominence in 1989 after winning the design competition for France’s Bibliothèque Nationale. Since then, he has received many commissions, both public and private, in the areas of sports and culture in Europe, South Korea and Japan. His current projects include the refurbishment of Naples' Piazza Garibaldi, the DC Towers in Vienna and the restructuring of Paris' central post office. He is also a member of the Advisory Board for the Grand Paris project.


Grand Prix Afex, Grande Médaille d’or de l’architecture, Grand Prix national d’architecture, Équerre d’argent.

Pavilion 6

Jean Nouvel